offers professional river tubes and tubing gear rentals on Vancouver Island – Duncan, British Columbia. Tube rentals include wetsuit, helmets and water shoes, if available.The stunning, crystal clear waters of the Cowichan River may be tubed for many long, hot hours at a stretch, but in our years of experience we have found these two 1.5 hour sections (time is estimated, and changes seasonally) to be the most popular and the most convenient time frame. People extend the time by pulling out, and playing in their favourite rapids or sunning on the bank, or doing both runs...they are described in sequential order. This is a description of the popular runs, please note: this is not advice.

Skutz Falls--Marie Canyon Adventurous Run (warning: hazardous)

This ADVENTUROUS run (approximately 9 rapid sections with 3 that are quite serious) launches at SKUTZ FALLS about 100+ meters above/before the bridge. About an hour+ later, and shortly after passing under the train trestle bridge, there is a very significant chute. Quickly after that, last time we checked--there was a park-erected pull out sign, continuing left around the bend ABOUT 50 METERS there are flat rocks right in front of you that provide an an easy exit...the next right turn is where the canyon begins. DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO GO THROUGH THE CANYON IT IS EXTREMELY TIGHT & COULD BE DEADLY.

Marie Canyon--Stoltz Pools Gentle Run (relatively easy)

This GENTLE run begins at MARIE CANYON (at the base of the canyon where the water obviously flattens out). At the beginning there are two significant drops that may flip you if you haven't found your balance, they appear to be clear & deep. After that, the smooth ride is only be interrupted by noisy shallow rapids. (do remember to lift your butt, or you might get a punch in the bum) The Cowichan River is full of amazingly beautiful scenery as it cruises down to STOLTZ POOLS CAMPGROUND, there is an easy exit at the distinct line of huge boulders placed by the parks people along the left bank.