Cowichan Tubing is a Vancouver Island tubing company located in Duncan, BC, situated 5 minutes before the most popular start point for Cowichan River tubing.How to book: is located on Culverton Rd., a 5 minutes drive before the provincial park entrance when approaching from Duncan, and has been providing professional, high-visibility, heavy-gauge vinyl tubes, accessories and assistance to happy & safe tubers for over 12 hot sunny years.

EVERY RENTAL INCLUDES: wetsuit, helmet & water shoes, as available.    

Please call to book: 250-709-9010

  • We can deliver/shuttle as many as 15 tubes at one time.
  • Please bring a serious piece of ID to leave as a deposit
  • Every renter will be required to sign a waiver absolving Cowichantubing and its agents of any and all liability on their behalf for their actions after renting equipment.


CASH ONLY—please bring ID for security deposit.

TAKE-AWAY: $20 per tube—includes wetsuit, helmets, water shoes if available

DELIVERY: including SHUTTLE, with wetsuits, helmets, and shoes if available.

  • 2 tubes -$65 MINIMUM
  • 3 tubes -$90
  • 4 tubes -$120
  • 5 tubes -$145
  • 6 tubes -$170
  • 7 tubes -$190
  • 8 tubes -$210
  • 9 tubes -$230
  • 10 tubes -$250, each thereafter $20
  • Shuttle from Stoltz Pools to Skutz Falls add $12
  • Shuttle for both runs combined add $16